The Amaral Group, LLC
We make IT work for you....

You want technology to help you do more with less. That’s why we are here to help you turn opportunities into meaningful results. With the rapid technological progress of the late 1990s, Joe Amaral knew that technology and web-based solutions would quickly become the core of business performance. He wanted to provide businesses with an IT service that kept the personality of a small company but delivered big results. Established in 1998, the Amaral Group is a leading technology products and services provider based in Cambridge, MA.

Our goal is to drive your company’s success. We do this by increasing your profits through strategic IT planning and vendor choice. Our priority is to provide you with products that will keep your technology protected, organized, and connected. We want to give businesses a solution to the ever-changing nature of IT, so we offer the best quality brands of software and hardware in the IT industry. With the most cutting-edge technology available, you can improve your business’s processes and gain a competitive advantage. Our security software provides the most up-to-date-protection to keep your information safe. And, our cloud technology will enhance productivity and work flow organization.

By creating value, increasing productivity, and strengthening infrastructure, you can propel growth by cutting and controlling costs with our products. We have all the tools you need to reach the next level. Let us show you how to use modern technology to meet your goals and increase your bottom line.

All of our products come with technical support, and we have a proven record of success with experienced, professional consultants who understand the importance of providing the best possible solution on time and on budget. Our team also specializes in managed services, database management, and web development. If you would like to learn more about the services we can offer to help grow your business, visit our website at

Having been in business for over twenty years, you can trust us to make IT work for you.